Chris Huhne ‘warned witness to stay silent over speeding offence’ – Telegraph

Chris Huhne ‘warned witness to stay silent over speeding offence’ – Telegraph. – right-wing media attack intensifies on Conservative critic Huhne.

With the story being broken this morning by the right-wing Times newspaper and gaining traction across the right-wing media, could this be Huhne’s comeuppance for anti-Conservative comments during the AV Campaign?

In what is  an insignificant and irrelevant story about driving licence points for speeding, it seems that yet again a vocal critic of Conservative Coalition partners is falling foul of a right-wing media campign whose aim is to discredit and ruin any dissenters.

In the opening sentence of the story reported in the Telegraph it says;

In a secretly recorded telephone conversation, Mr Huhne tells the person – believed to be his ex-wife Vicky Price – it is not “sensible” to discuss the allegations in public.

Of course it wouldn’t. How odd for a high-profile politician to suggest to a family member not to discuss personal matters in public?

We’ve been here before when – using the same tactics – Vince Cable was ‘secretly’ recorded by the Telegraph stating he had “declared war” on News Corporations plans to take over BSkyB.

Huhne is one of the Liberals best politicians and it will take alot more than this story to oust him from the Coalition.


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