Will the Catholic Church be allowed to move on?

The recent allegations of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has turned into a public relations disaster for the Vatican who, under the leadership of a mild mannered Pope, has failed to take the necessary…(full article)

Blair returns: does the Labour Party miss him?

Last Tuesday Tony Blair returned to the Labour Party front-line when he gave a speech to his former sedgefield constituents. In his speech he praised Gordon Brown as the man who made the brave…(full article)

One year on from G20, police behaviour still questioned

A large number of protestors on that day behaved badly, the smashing up of a branch of RBS is one notable reminder. What we have to remember is that the police on the front line that day are individuals who will react to…(full article)

Rehabilitation must prevail over retribution

As horrible as the murder of James Bulger was in 1993.The need to uphold the anonymity of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson must be the priority of our Criminal Justice System if we are to avoid a descent into…(full article)

1989 wasn’t the ‘end of history’ for China

Our theme of the month for February – China – has come to an end. Two key points of note should be highlighted following discussions amongst our contributors. Firstly, Ossie Froggatt-Smith pointed out how…(full article)

The Jury shouldn’t be out on Obama.

One year into his Presidency it seems that the jury is already out on Obama. For an individual who was elected as a visionary and under the banner of ‘hope’ only time will tell whether ‘hope’ materialised into real ‘change’…(full article)

Bring on Lisbon, the EU….and Kiev

The topic of European Integration is often approached tentatively in this country to say the least. A gap in the EU dialogue is the case for full EU integration and for Britain to relinquish…(full article)

Serving the community

The think tank Demos raises the idea of a National Civic Service in a publication released last week. Increasing civic engagement amongst young people would benefit their local community and…(full article)

The Environment: A Wicked Issue

It is clear that the human consumption of fossil fuels and the aggressive process of industrialisation and continued technological development over the past two hundred years have had a net negative impact on…(full article)

The Mob Ruled

Nick Griffins appearance on Question Time was controlled by mob rule, wherby the tactics of a racist were deployed against a racist – prodding, provoking and inciting that which is different and un-orthodox…(full article)

Accountable to the people, representative of the people

Parliamentary reform reached the top of the political agenda immediately after the outbreak of the MP’s expenses scandal. However, once our political establishment mused with the idea of reforming our electoral…(full article)

The Labour Party R.I.P – Former Party of Government

If certain events over the next year take place, Gordon Brown could potentially be the last Labour Party Prime Minister in its history. Using this suggestion and the related prospect of…(full article)