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Tory MPs scorn Clegg’s House of Lords reforms – UK Politics, UK – The Independent

Tory MPs scorn Clegg’s House of Lords reforms – UK Politics, UK – The Independent….Cleggs Lords reform misses the point…

Nick Cleggs Lords reform package delivered yesterday in the Commons has been met with resounding crossbench opposition.

More importantly the reforms fail to rectify what I take as the central problem with the Lords. That is its un-elected component. Cleggs reforms would still maintain an appointed element;

His draft Bill proposed a 300-member Lords, with 80 per cent of peers elected and 20 per cent appointed as at present. The 60 appointed members would be independent crossbenchers and the number of Church of England bishops would be reduced from 26 to 12.

No part of our political sytem should be un-elected. It is a Democratic cornerstone that citizens should elect individuals to govern in their interest. If those representatives are appointed then this cornerstone can not be guaranteed.

Momentum against the Lib Dems inside and outside the Commons seems to be growing to the extent that they look discredited, and every flagship policy of theirs looks discredited also. It will be hard for Clegg to make Lords reform a reality.


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