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Ed’s Flashman Flop? | The Pulse | PoliticsHome

Ed’s Flashman Flop? | The Pulse | PoliticsHome…..Who even is Flashman!?!?

Im glad to read Mark Gettleson’s latest piece for PoliticsHome where he argues that Ed Milibands tactic of attacking Cameron with reference to Flashman is failing. Who even is this Flashman character?

As the YouGov poll referenced indicates, over half of 18-24 year olds don’t know who Flashman is and over half of the same age group are clueless whether the comparison with Cameron is fair or unfair.

Ed Milibands latest performances in PMQs have been far better lately and have clearly been riling Cameron whose “calm down dear” and “shut-up” jibes to Ed Balls have portrayed him as a Bullingdon Bully.

But drop the Flashman comparison. Especially when there is ample opportunity for attack on NHS Reforms (and conflict of interest re: LowAssociates) and Chris Huhne,


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